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Divorce Consultancy Service

We offer the best divorce lawyers in Kerala providing basic legal information service online on divorce in India. Our online legal service provides all divorce papers with filing instructions. Our divorce service is about saving you money. We help you eliminate unnecessary legal fees

NRI/NRK Clients

We are best divorce lawyers in Kerala offering Legal Consultancy services to NRI/NRK Clients as well in the following areas

  1. Property Registration
  2. Divorce Consultancy
  3. Help & Assistance in Property Matters.
  4. Litigations
  5. Child Custody

     Drafting & Conveyancing

    Our Legal Firm offers remarkable Drafting & Conveyancing for the clients. Under this category, we dealt with all Corporate and Commercial Agreements, Contracts, Bonds, Deeds, etc. In addition to that we also render drafting and registration services of agreements with the unions of employees, officers, corporate staff (with special attention to contract laws. Our sole vision is to cater the best legal services for the clients. We are the preferred choice as we possess wide and varied experience in corporate and commercial documentation.


    We offer the best lawyers in kerala  having offices in Kochi & Trivandrum to help with the Procedure/steps/process involved by mutual consent:

    1. Divorce Petition will be drafted which will include terms of settlement. Basically, Husband and Wife have to reach to understanding regarding maintenance issue. As per law, there is no minimum or maximum limit. It is basically about the understanding and consensus between the parties.
    2. This Mutual Consent Divorce Petition under section 13(B) in case of Hindu Marriage and under section 28 Divorce Ac1869 in case of Christian Marriage will be filed in the Court supported with affidavits.
    3. Matter will come up for hearing in the Court and generally parties have to be present before the Court and their statement is recorded in the Court.
    4. After recording of statements, First Motion will be passed.
    5. Thereafter, parties will be given time from six months to Eighteen Months to file the Petition for second motion
    6. Step 2 and 3 will be repeated
    7. Court will grant second motion
    8. And immediately thereafter divorce decree will be asked to prepared
    9. With in a week, this divorce decree will be given to the parties or their advocate/s
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